CEO for IBG Best Life AB

IBG Best Life AB is a parent company that, together with its subsidiaries, operates in the real estate sector. The main area for the companies is the brokerage and management of properties where we create a stable value development and stable cash flows over time. The other area is community properties that we should be able to easily switch between different activities depending on demand. Among the subsidiaries there is also a platform for property brokerage, cleaning service, property service and gardening.

IBG Best Life AB as the parent company has the task of contributing through advice and consultation to growth in the subsidiaries as well as project leading a number of development projects in land and real estate owned by various companies within the group.

We are also on the way to establishing several companies in different European countries within the same segment that is part of the group.

All companies in the future should be listed, but the time frame for each is different. Closest to IPO is 2024.

For that reason, we want to strengthen our team before the IPO. Together with our chairman, you will take us to the next level.

The tasks mainly focus on the stock market listing, where networking, new partners, together with management in other countries improve operations and growth as well as implement strategic decisions about the stock market listing into concrete activities to achieve the goal.

You must have experience and knowledge of startups, growth companies, the property industry as well as a strong network with good credentials.

It is desirable if you also have experience of working internationally.

We are a team of entrepreneurs with extensive experience from various industries as well as startups. We give you all the support you need to succeed in your position as CEO. At the same time, we want you to be passionate about startups, entrepreneurship and reaching heights that others find impossible to reach!

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The website is under regular updating. We are in the process of recruiting other positions for the company as well.