Main Solutions


Recruitment & Job Bank

We have a large network and a broad job bank with many job opportunities in many different types of industries. Register on the website where you can search and hopefully find the job you’ve been looking for for a long time. Precisely this gives us the opportunity to support you and give you a greater opportunity to get the job and the home you always dreamed of.


Interim management

Is your company in need of an HR manager, HR Business Partner or HR Manager? We offer companies in both the public and private sector an opportunity to hire our professional employees. Perfect for those of you who may not have the opportunity or need for a full-time HR position, but instead periodically or when the need exists. With the help of our employees, we can offer you on-site support with everything related to the work environment. Our employees are there for your company and since we also have a collaboration with lawyers, we have the basis to be able to support you in the best possible way. Contact us for more information, as we can find out together how we can best be there for you and your company.



As a private individual, do you feel that you would like to work in HR? We offer you the opportunity to develop and study in order to realize this. Our first-class training gives you a basic and also a comprehensive insight into what it is like to work in this interesting industry. This can include everything from recruitment, organizational development and work environment to retirement. This comprehensive training gives you the opportunity to work at many interesting companies and the basis for being able to tackle these work environment-related tasks. So realize your plans and thoughts. Contact us for more information, planning or a personal meeting.


Personnel support & administration

As an entrepreneur, are you faced with difficult and perhaps extensive choices regarding HR and administration? Then it can be nice to have someone to consult with, brainstorm ideas with and have contact with someone who knows the regulations and knows what you can or cannot do. It can easily become overwhelming with decisions that not only affect you but your staff and your organization. We also offer staff support so we can find out what your staff think is important in the workplace and how staff and management can work together better so that you can develop together and make the decisions that move your growing business forward.



Given the needs of our employees and partners for accommodation, as well as the real estate situation in Sweden, we participated in real estate projects to meet client requirements.

This service includes providing short-term to long-term accommodation, as well as assisting your new employees to find suitable accommodation. Our staff has long-term real estate experience and in-depth real estate knowledge, and can provide you with consulting services for real estate purchase or investment.