Idébanken Juristbyrå AB needs CEO

Municipality: Kista, Stockholm
Scope: Full-time
Duration until further notice
Form of employment: Permanent or time-limited employment


Work experience


  • Administrative manager – 2-4 years of experience



  • Post-secondary education two years or longer



  • Law, teaching university level
  • Area responsibility, social work



  • Swedish
  • English


  • German
  • French
  • Mandarin/Chinese

about the job

Vice President of IDÉ bank Juristbyrå Sverige AB

IDÉ banken is a group for a startup company.

The corporate group works to ensure social sustainability in a number of areas, i.a. Property and Finance. The company has a central role by supporting the rest of the group with key functions.

The corporate group has a clear business plan and financial goals for all its operations, but most of all we are passionate about making a difference in Swedish society.

We work with mediation of legal services both for start-ups, young and established companies as well as private advice.

We are passionate about personal development and believe that with will and passion people can create and build almost anything. We start our journey here and extend a hand, do you want to join us?

The position: The purpose is to represent the company and act in place of the managing director. The duties are largely the same as for a Vice President.

The role includes operational responsibility for the business, responsibility for business development and for achieving the set goals for growth, profitability and new business areas. It is expected that you work proactively with proposals at a strategic level as well as drive and initiate various business development strategies in collaboration with customers and partners for the IDÉ banken group.

The service mainly consists of networking and market positioning. In addition to this, management issues, financial planning and reporting are included. The role has internal support in the group in the form of HR, finance and insurance, lawyers, marketing agency as well as business consulting.

We expect you to be able to interpret and follow up financial facts according to the set goals.

You are expected to build the company, set structure through business plan, marketing plan, policies and routines for the business. As the company is in a start-up phase, the role also needs to work with market segmentation, competitive mapping as well as customer and relations with partners.

There is an employee responsibility in the role as well as many internal contact points within and outside the group. Building a network in the role is important to the company’s success.

As manager, you will work in close dialogue with the founder and have a development plan to take over the management role in the company.


· Create and develop strategy and business plan together with the founder

· Responsible for implementation of strategy and business plan

· Responsible for business development as well as acquisition of new assignments and developing customer relationships

· Ensure that the company’s services are attractive on the market

· Responsible for the financial follow-up of the company’s monthly accounts as well as liquidity and profit forecast as well as budget

· Support in recruitment in new business areas and personnel responsibility for up to 10 people



· Academic degree from university

· At least 5 years’ work experience, of which at least 2 years’ experience as a manager

· Solid and documented knowledge in business development and leadership

· Experience of working in a management team

· Good ability to express oneself both orally and in writing in both Swedish and English

· Industry knowledge of work from a law firm


· Good contacts and a large network

· Experience of leading, as well as leading through others

· Knowledge of initial public offering, IPO

· Worked in startup companies

· Worked in business development roles

Personal characteristics

In this recruitment, we put a lot of focus on personality! We want you to have the drive to want to grow into the managerial role. As IDÉ bank’s manager, you must be action-oriented and results-oriented while also having an analytical and business side. As you have previous experience as a manager, you know how to lead others and are a team builder who can create commitment, participation and a sense of belonging among employees. When circumstances change, you are flexible and adaptable by being able to quickly shift focus, outlook and approach.

You see opportunities in changes and not obstacles. As this role also includes a lot of networking and relationship building, you need to be an outgoing person with a strong customer focus, who is also good at maintaining relationships and is used to many contact points.

Welcome with your application

If you think that the position as vice president fits your qualifications and above all how you want and wish to work, send us your application as soon as possible. To apply for the position, send your CV and please attach a personal letter.

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